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Visual Schedules - a complete guide

This course teaches you how and why to use visual schedules to help children organise and focus. It comes with 23 creatively illustrated visual cards that you can print and use at home, in your school or in your clinic. A short certificate course with a great practical tool for you to use.


Starting date



12 months 



A great resource for helping your child plan, predict and organise.

This course you will give you :

  • Visuals to use with your child 
  • Explain why  and how visuals support learning 
  • Ideas and top tips on how to use visual schedules

Caroline Essame 

Founder and CEO of CreateCATT
Caroline is a social entrepreneur passionate about equitable play based education, the social and emotional wellbeing of children and building nurture capital. She has over 35 years’ experience in the field of creativity, play and human development. Trained initially in Occupational Therapy and Art and Play Therapy, a Master’s is in Education focusing on play and early childhood development.
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