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BOOK RESOURCE - Developmental Play, Why Art and Play matter in early childhood

Why do Art and Play matter in early childhood? This core textbook answers the question. With colourful pictures, stories and photographs, this book is the companion to the Developmental Play training programs. Available online and in PDF this course does not expire, but it will inspire you to work creatively and playfully with children.


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This book introduces why play and creativity are important in early childhood. Illustrated with children’s pictures and real-life stories, it will take both parents and professionals who work with children through the developmental stages that help children grow in confidence, and become happier people able to take on the world.

Caroline Essame 

Caroline is a social entrepreneur passionate about equitable play based education, the social and emotional wellbeing of children and building nurture capital. She has over 35 years’ experience in the field of creativity, play and human development. Trained initially in Occupational Therapy and Art and Play Therapy, a Master’s is in Education focusing on play and early childhood development.

Book reviews

"Fighting the Dragon, Finding the Self, is an important book which will help any parent understand the role and impact their words and attention can have on their child. I think this is a must-read book for all parents with children of any age."
"Fighting the Dragon clearly sums up the child's developmental stages of art-making, how this relates to play and creativity, and why this is important. Readable and well-researched, this short book should be standard issue for all parents of young children, parents-to-be and pre-school teachers.."
Executive Director, Children's Centre for Creativity, PLAYEUM, Singapore 
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