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FOUNDATION Certificate in Developmental Play - THEORY ONLY

This is our foundations online theory that compliments the "Why Play Matters" Practicum for the foundation course in  the Developmental Play . Study the theory in your own time and  join us face to face for some hands on playfulness  in the Philippines to understand the practice. Contact to book your practicum place at an additional cost. They can also support the purchase of this online theory course.
Developmental Play is a pioneering approach built on the idea that as children grow they need to do different kinds of play. Find out about how to give your children the best start in life for the best chance in life.

Course self study


Available for 12 months.


4 weeks
120 Hours



What you are going to learn

Learning outcomes 

  • Understand and identify developmental play and art stages
  • Reflect on and identify your role in play-based learning and healthcare
  • Understand the play developmental pyramid
  • Understand why mess is important in child development

Throughout this course you will discover 

  • Why Play is important 
  • Why play matters 
  • Foundation theories of play development
  • How to understand play through the developmental play pyramid
  • The joy of play and how it is a superpower for our children 

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THE PATHWAY to certification

Develop your professional skills

We will help you unlock your inner playfulness so you can excel in your own work with children as a certified Developmental Play Practitioner

Caroline Essame

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CreateCATT
Caroline is a social entrepreneur passionate about equitable play based education, the social and emotional wellbeing of children and building nurture capital. She has over 35 years’ experience in the field of creativity, play and human development. Trained initially in Occupational Therapy and Art and Play Therapy, a Master’s is in Education focusing on play and early childhood development.

Course reviews

"For me this course is a perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and playfulness."
Course participant
"The classes were really enjoyable and full of fun activities. There's a lot of scope to share participants thoughts which I like the most. Also the contents were so relevant and helpful"
Course Participant 
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