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Mess and mark making

Explore why messy play matters and how to build foundational sensory motor skills, social and emotional wellbeing and focus and attention skills  in creative ways.

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3 hours learning at your own speed 



Learn why mess making matters and how to work creatively with children and adults through early mark making.

In this course you:

  • Understand the importance of messy play
  • Understand mark making stages in child development
  • Develop creative ideas to use with children as a parent, clinician or teacher
  • Explore the neurobiology, educational and psycho-therapeutic frameworks for messy play and mark making

Caroline Essame 

Creative Arts Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Artist and Educator
Bringing you over 35 years of experience in working creatively with adults and children in health, welfare and educational settings as well as having been  a practising artist Caroline will inspire you in all things creative . Founder of the Developmental Play Model Caroline is a great advocate for the power of mess making and playfulness.

Course reviews

"Hands on and inspiring."
Course participant 
"I never knew a picture meant so much."
Course participant 
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