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ADVANCED Developmental Play Certificate (Level 3)

Become an advanced play practitioner with online mentoring from one of our course founders.This is a premium product as it gives you three individual one hour sessions with mentoring so that you can assess, plan and deliver developmental play work with the children that you work with. This means you need to be in practice in education, health or child care and able to work directly with children. To complete the full certificate in Developmental Play and use the term Certified Developmental Play Practitioner (CDPP) you will need to complete all levels and the 2000 word assignment.

Course with 3 live webinars 

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Course available for one year 



Through this course you will take the final steps to becoming a Certified Developmental Play Practitioner (CDPP)

In these final step of training as a CDPP you will learn 

  •   Articulate and apply playfulness in the context of learning, neurobiology and wellbeing
  • · Assess play needs and stages of children with mixed abilities
  • · Design developmental play interventions for children assessed
  • · Deliver creative play interventions for these individuals and/or groups
  • · Document play processes in therapy and education
  • · Reflect on play based work through supervision
  • · Articulate their role as a developmental play practitioner
  • · Understand how to use CreateCATT resources to promote the practice of play.

Caroline Essame and Caroline Clay 

Painter, instructor, writer
About your mentors 
Both Caroline's are Occupational Therapists with over 35 years experience in clinical, educational and welfare practice. Between them they bring over 70 years experience in sensory processing, creative arts and play therapy and play based education into mentoring you on the final step of this journey.

Give your child the best start in life for the best chance in life.

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