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FOUNDATION Certificate in Developmental Play- Theory and Practice Course.

This is our foundations online theory and practice combined course, that will enable you to self study the Developmental Play approach. Study the theory in your own time and then join us in our PlayZoom for the 5 live practice webinars. Please see for dates and times for these live webinars. Developmental Play is a pioneering approach built on the idea that as children grow they need to do different kinds of play. Find out about how to give your children the best start in life for the best chance in life.

Blended learning 

Online theory

Start anytime -self study

Next live webinars 

Thursday June 13th  to 11th July  2024 SGT 5pm /UK 10am 



What you are going to learn

Learning outcomes:

Understand and identify developmental play and art stages
Reflect on and identify your role in play-based learning and healthcare
Understand the play developmental pyramid
Understand why mess is important in child development
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The power of play
  • Inspirational  global play leaders 
  • Why play matters 
  • How to understand children's play through the Developmental Play Pyramid

Caroline Essame

CEO and Founder of Developmental Play
Caroline Essame and the CreateCATT Team bring you best global practice in play based work for clinical, educational  and all child development settings.

Course reviews

"I thought the trainers were amazing and so experienced!"
Course participant 
"My heart is dancing because of this session’s magical moments. Working alongside you all and learning from you all is just so AMAZING. This is the cup of hope we all need to keep on in this Pandemic."
Course participant 
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