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Developmental Play for parents and caregivers

Developmental Play is a pioneering approach built on the idea that as children grow they need to do different kinds of play. This course is a general introduction to the Developmental Play approach and is ideal for parents and caregivers. It will help you understand your children better, and give you information, tools and strategies to strengthen their foundations for learning , build better relationships and be happier children.

Online Course - self study 

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3 months 



Learn why play matters for your child and how it works 

Throughout this course you will discover :

  • Why play matters 
  • How it works 
  • What our children are telling us through play 
  • How we can support our children's development 
  • The Developmental Play Pyramid 

Caroline Essame 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CreateCATT
Caroline is a social entrepreneur passionate about equitable play based education, the social and emotional wellbeing of children and building nurture capital. She has over 35 years’ experience in the field of creativity, play and human development. Trained initially in Occupational Therapy and Art and Play Therapy, a Master’s is in Education focusing on play and early childhood development.

Parenting the greatest adventure and responsibility in our lives 

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